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MetaRecords 2017 & 2018 updates

This page covers all the new features added to MR8 and MR Web in 2017 and 2018.

MR8 v.8.90

Release dates to: January 3, 2019


  • Better Tracking Step Log remarks  

    The Tracking Step Log Remarks field length has been increased from 512 to 2048 characters, so you can enter more detailed remarks. Plus, you can edit remarks in the Tracking Step Log screen.

  • New function added  

    Use Orders Turnaround function to see part turnaround information and invoices for a specified time period.

  • No more label printing timeouts  

    In FedEx/UPS label printing in Turn In, the timeout has been increased to 3 minutes (from 1 minute) to accommodate the service delay.

  • Additional MR Web site option  

    Hide SSN option has been added to Tools > Web > Site Configurations.

MR8 v.8.87

Release dates to: June 12, 2017