Release date: February 25, 2016

This update features more efficient case management and form printing. Features added to this update came from user suggestions in the Idea Collaborator.

More search criteria in Case Manager

You can now search for orders & parts by:

  • Patient DOB (date of birth)
  • Scheduling party or other party type

Scheduling party tied to ordering party

This increases efficiency because:

  • When the ordering party changes, the scheduling party automatically changes.
  • Scheduling parties cannot be deleted.

FedEx & UPS shipping labels & tracking within MR8

You can now set up and print FedEx and UPS labels within MR8, automatically generating tracking numbers, which you can then follow, and estimating shipping charges— all within MR8’s Turn-in function.

More data source choices in all forms

Form Manager has a greatly expanded selection of data sources for all forms. Over 100 data sources have been added to forms. Complete list broken down by form >

Scopes can be inserted into forms or attached, not both

Most companies no longer provide scopes as separate attachments, so Form Manager provides a data source, Part.Scope, for inserting into forms to replace scope attachments. You can either insert the scope into a form or attach the scope separately, but you cannot do both with the same form.

Can change parts’ tracking steps in Case Manager

This ability from Task Manager now works in Case Manager. You can select more than one part and change their tracking step simultaneously, provided that they are all the same Tracking Item type.

Spellcheck your Status Notes before clients see them

Status Notes appear on MR Web and Status Progress Reports, so it is important that they reflect well on your company. Now you can easily spellcheck them.

Add your own Serve By types

Serve By has been added to Code Manager, so you can specify more delivery methods for serving notices to locations, such as certified mail, email or fax.

Require users to update MR Web passwords

Set an expiration date for passwords so users must change their passwords regularly. You can also allow them to keep the same password if they re-enter it when it expires.

MR Web users can see more data onscreen

MR Web’s screen width has changed from fixed to flexible so it expands across the browser window, allowing grids to display more data.

And more...

  • Message Center flag logic has changed. Previously, all alerts were flagged. Now only Rush cases are flagged.
  • Remind Date column has been added to Message Center grid, so you can see which messages are reminders without opening each one.
  • You can remove U.S. holidays from business days for part turn-in deadlines.
  • Enter a Status Note once, apply it to multiple parts with the click of a button.
  • Copy any note in a Notes Log to multiple other parts simultaneously.
  • Sales Rep column has been added to Firm and Contact grids so you can quickly see which sales rep is tied to a client.
  • Firm and Contact columns have been added to Task Manager, so you can quickly see which client is attached to a part.
  • Rush case column has been added to Case Manager and MR Web’s Order Progress screen, so both you and your clients can easily see which cases are rush.
  • Part No. column has been added to MR Web’s Repository screen, so clients can see which part files are tied to.
  • Default in MR Web’s Attorney search filter is All.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Edge browser.
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