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MetaRecords 2019 updates

This page covers all the new features added to MR8 and MR Web in 2019.

MR8 v. 8.91

Release date: November 8, 2019
  • Canned repository descriptions  

    Instead of typing descriptions for each file you upload to a repository, build a list of typical descriptions in the new Repository Descriptions Setup function. Then look up and select the appropriate description from the list in the Description field of a file in all levels of Repository. You can alter the selected text in the Description field, if needed, for an individual file.

  • Easier tracking updates  

    If you change the tracking item category of an order part in Case Manager, a popup will direct you to select a corresponding tracking step that relates to the new tracking item category.

  • More bulk update options in Case Manager  

    You can now bulk update several fields in the cases grid in Case Manager and bulk update more fields in the Case Manager’s Parts grid. See the complete list of new bulk update fields in What's new in MetaRecords 8.91 in the KnowledgeBase in the customer portal.

  • Insert a service item into multiple parts at once  

    With the Bulk Insert function in the Case Manager’s Parts grid, you can insert a service item into all selected parts at once.

  • Copy service items to multiple parts at once  

    After entering service items on one part in an order in Case Manager, use the Copy To function to copy one or more services to other parts in the same case.

  • View & issue checks for a part in Case Manager  

    On the Fee Checks tab of the Part detail screen in Case Manager, you can view all checks issued for the selected Part and issue new checks.

  • Send group emails to case parties  

    Use the Send Email function on the Parties tab of a Case detail screen to send group emails to selected parties.

  • Extended field lengths for more comprehensive entries  

    Field length has been extended from 80 to 1024 characters in:

    • Patient field in Case screen’s Records Of tab
    • Represents field in Case Party screen’s General tab
  • Handle rush parts quicker  

    A Rush checkbox has been added to Part detail screens, so rush parts appear in the Parts grid in Case Manager with a checked box in new Rush column.

    When you add a new part for a rush case, the default for the Rush checkbox in the New Part screen is checked.

    Task Manager, Notify Runners, Daily Calendar Audit, and Orders in Progress include a Part Rush column in their main grids, so you can see at a glance which parts are rush orders.

  • More Case Manager improvements  
    • Added Location’s Postal Code to Part detail screen in Case Manager.
    • Added Date of Incident to Case detail screen’s Records Of tab in Case Manager.
    • When selecting the interrogatory form for an order part in Case Manager, if the case is a federal case, MR8 automatically displays the Federal form group.
    • You can search for orders in the Case Manager by Client Matter No.
  • Add notes directly in main grids  

    In Case Manager and Orders in Progress, you no longer have to go into a detail screen to add a note to a Notes Log. Instead, use the Add Notes Log function under Actions in the Cases grid, or the Add Part Notes Log function under Actions in Orders in Progress. You can add the same note to multiple notes logs at once.

  • More Summary Invoice options  

    When searching for an invoice to add to a summary invoice, you can use Case Name and Show Zero Amount Invoices as search criteria.

    You can print Summary Invoices with or without the claim number.

  • New data sources in Form Manager  

    Added 2 new data sources, “Cases.Incident Date” and “Scheduling Firm.Warning” to 22 form types. Added “Part.Rush” data source to 13 form types. See the complete list of form types included in What's new in MetaRecords 8.91 in the KnowledgeBase in the customer portal.

  • And more  
    • Select the Remind Date option in Task Manager’s More options > Date Type search criteria to search for Remind Dates set in part tracking logs.
    • When printing forms for orders in federal cases, the Form Group automatically displays Federal screen in Setup > Locations.