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Help highlights

In addition to the interactive user guide, RB9’s Help module includes an update history lookup function, access to live support and online training, a link to the customer portal for sending feedback, and information about the currently installed system, such as its version number.

User guide accessible in multiple forms

In RB9, you can look up how to use functions in several ways. In addition to a downloadable PDF of the user guide in the Help menu, you can also page through the interactive version there and jump to different pages using hyperlinks. You don’t have to wait for a download to finish, then open it in another program.

The interactive guide is also available as contextual help throughout the system by clicking the Help button on any screen.

Find out what changed in any update

RB9 has an Update History function. If you want to know what has been added to RB or fixed and when, you don’t have to look up updates in the KnowledgeBase in the customer portal or search the updates section of our website. You can use the Update History function instead to find update information without leaving RB.

Access live support & online training inside RB

RB9 offers 2 options for live help accessible under the Help menu: Team Viewer and Live Chat. Instead of having to visit our website to access live help, you can do it within RB.

Live Chat allows you to communicate with OMTI Support technicians via instant messaging. And Team Viewer is an all-platform support system that allows our technicians with your consent to remotely control your device to solve issues you are having with RB9.

You can also access RB training videos and the rest of the Help Center from the Help menu’s Online Training option.

Send feedback while it is still fresh in your mind

If you come up with a great idea to improve RB while you are working in it, you can tell us right then with the Send Feedback function. It connects you to the customer portal and after you sign in, it opens the Idea Collaborator, so you don’t have to go to our website first.

You can see if anyone else had the same idea and add your vote/comments to it. Or if you are the first, you can enter your idea and follow its progression there. Once in the customer portal, you can also access support tickets where you can report on a problem you are having with RB9, RB Lite, or RB Connect.

Want to learn more about RB9 Help?

You can find out more about the Help module in ReporterBase 101, which contains lessons about every module, function, plug-in, and concept in RB9.

ReporterBase 101 comes in 2 versions: weekly email lessons and a website, the RB9 Primer, where all the lessons appear. You can sign up to have an RB lesson delivered to your inbox each week. And you can also look up anything on the website, where lessons are grouped by module or concept.

What RB9 Help functions are in RB Lite?

You don’t have to check the comparison chart to see which of these functions are included in RB Lite. All Help functions are included in RB Lite.

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