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Modules overview

There are over 140 functions in RB9. They are logically grouped into 13 modules of related work processes so you can easily complete all relevant tasks.

Reporter Base 9


  • Handle your daily scheduling, notifying, and confirming tasks.
  • Update, confirm, and cancel jobs.
  • Assign, notify, and confirm reporters and other resources.
  • Track and analyze jobs.
  • Notify clients when requests are received.
  • Send clients and resources their job calendars, which they can import into their Outlook calendars.
  • Import client requests from RB Connect.
  • Upload case- and job-level files to the repository.
  • Send overdue tasks reminders to reporters and other resources.
  • More about Calendar  


  • Turn in jobs.
  • Create PDF transcripts (including condensed versions), hyperlink exhibits in them, and apply digital signatures. Generate master word lists for cases.
  • Generate production worksheets and fulfill client requests.
  • Prepare jobs for billing.
  • Archive all documents by case, job, task, witness, invoice, firm, contact, location, resource, or all resources in their related repository.
  • Grant clients and resources access to files and invoices online through RB Connect.
  • Generate labels, envelopes, and form letters.
  • Track UPS & FedEx shipments. Search for shipments.
  • Track production items as they progress through your company.
  • Track the location of original transcripts, affidavits, and errata sheets.
  • More about Production  


  • Post, print, and send invoices, including COD invoices.
  • Transfer invoices to different parties.
  • Export invoices in LEDES 98B format for clients who require electronic billing.
  • Archive original invoices in the repository.
  • More about Billing  


  • Instantly locate information about jobs, invoices, clients, resources, witnesses, payments, and transcripts.
  • Analyze aspects of your business, such as clients’ billing activity and reporter billing and pay amounts.
  • Run monthly, quarterly, yearly, and year-to-date totals.
  • Print envelopes and labels for cards and gifts to send to clients celebrating upcoming birthdays and other anniversaries.
  • Find who your best clients and resources are, and which clients are new or inactive.
  • More about Inquiry  


  • Credit and track client payments.
  • Email payment receipts to clients.
  • Assess finance charges and other fees, print monthly reports, and monitor collection efforts.
  • Apply retainers.
  • Send clients statements via email or regular mail.
  • Track and manage overdue invoices.
  • More about Receivables  


  • Perform payroll tasks.
  • Cut payroll checks, direct deposit paychecks, or export payroll to QuickBooks.
  • Generate forms and reports pertaining to payroll, including 1099-NEC forms.
  • Reward clients with points like airline loyalty programs.
  • More about Payables  


  • Enter and manage client firms, contacts at firms, reporters and other resources, locations, and your company’s business units (profit centers, branches, or other areas of your business that you want to track separately).
  • View individual entity’s financial and job trends in interactive line graphs.
  • More about Entities  


  • Customize lists, invoice headers & messages, transcript preferences, and miscellaneous system preferences.
  • Set up users and group them according to their access levels and job functions.
  • Set defaults for company financials and various functions.
  • Create stamps for RB-PDF Transcripts & exhibits.
  • Set up your tracking system.
  • More about Setup module  


  • Handle requests made online by clients, reporters, and other resources through RB Connect.
  • Process and monitor the progress of transcript back orders received.
  • Publish COD invoices in RB Connect for online payment.
  • Create interactive mobile transcripts and bundle them with exhibits, PDF transcripts, video, and other files.
  • Create searchable indexes of files for clients to use online.
  • Fulfill online reward point requests.
  • Manage resources’ time-off requests made through RB Connect.
  • Look up and download billing sheets turned in via RB Connect.
  • Track RB Connect activity by clients.
  • Manage users’ questions and problems.
  • Set function preferences.
  • More about Connect module  



  • Import firm, contacts, and resources from other applications.
  • Update multiple database entries at once.
  • Use tags to organize entities, then email or print labels for tagged groups.
  • Create and manage templates for labels, forms, letters, and notes.
  • Search for notes systemwide.
  • Track repository downloads.
  • Download backup files.
  • View lists of emails sent from RB9 and look up details about each email sent.
  • Perform custom searches of your RB database.
  • Import invoices, paychecks and payment transactions into QuickBooks.
  • More about Tools  


  • Look up information in the interactive RB9 User Guide.
  • Find out what changed in any update.
  • Access online support, including live chat.
  • View online training.
  • Add your suggestions for RB9 improvements in the Idea Collaborator.
  • More about Help  


  • Send and receive messages in an email-like function.
  • Change your password.
  • Customize your RB workspace & defaults.
  • Unlock data to switch its use to yourself.
  • Close all open tabs at once.
  • More about Personal  

RB9 continues to evolve

In addition to being a major upgrade to the industry standard business management system, RB9 is under continual development with multiple updates a year. Visit the updates section to see what has been added and improved.

RB Lite has many of the same advantages as RB9

RB Lite is the smaller version of RB9 that focuses on calendar and billing. The functions in RB Lite work the same as they do in RB9, but there are fewer of them. (See what’s included.)

RB Lite resides in the same framework as RB9 so it enjoys the same advantages, such as enhanced security, better than backup, and lower overhead. Visit the RB Lite section to find out more.

Just what you need

Want to learn more about RB?

Use ReporterBase 101 to learn about every function in RB9 and RB Lite. You can sign up for weekly email lessons and/or look up anything online in the RB9 Primer.

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