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Reports highlights

RB9 Reports module functions contain multiple search filters to help you craft reports that suit your needs best.

Some reports are interactive, but most reports in the module are static reports. After entering parameters, you can view a report onscreen, print it out, save it, and/or email it. This works fine for reports, such as the Gross Profit Report, that you review or submit to others to review but that you don’t need to interact with the underlying information.

Flexible, interactive reports

Some reports are customizable information grids that you can expand to see more details or collapse to get a summary view. You can also export them as Excel files to use the information in other programs.

For example, Business Analysis and Tracking Productivity Analysis are interactive grids. They provide instant snapshots of the results you searched, but they also allow you to expand the data down to month-by-month and other parameters. For Business Analysis, you can expand from umbrella service groups down to individual services. Tracking Productivity Analysis expands down to the status of tracking items.

These reports are too large as is to be easily printed out — that just wastes paper, and you can’t work with the data. So instead you can dynamically change how you present the data in RB9. And you can export these reports as Excel spreadsheets, which is more useful.

Rate clients by sales/billing

The Client Rating Report lists all invoices (starting with O&1), grouped and subtotaled by client. Each client is listed with the original amount, copy amount, and payment history.

If you sort this list by amount, you can quickly see who orders the most services with you by dollar amount. One way to use this report is to generate a holiday gift list.

Monitor production tracking

If you use the Tracking function, you have two reports for monitoring it: Daily Tracking Summary and Tracking Productivity Analysis.

Daily Tracking Summary lists all jobs with completed steps within a specified period so you can document your day’s/week’s/etc. progress.

Tracking Productivity Analysis shows you how many tracking items have been finished on time, by item, by step, by manager or by resource.

Other reports included

Other static reports in this module include Misc. Sales, Insurance Billing, Resource Production, Original Page Production, and Task Turnaround Analysis.

When insurance companies ask for a report that breaks down their invoices by law firm and attorney, provide the Insurance Billing report. It lists each invoice billed directly to an insurance company, grouped and subtotaled by client and insurance company.

If you pay incentives to resources that produce more than certain number of pages per month, use the Original Page Production report to get the totals you need. It displays all jobs (including the page count) produced for a specific period, grouped and subtotaled by resource.

If you want to know how quickly resources turn around jobs on average for a specified period, use the Task Turnaround Analysis report. It summarizes turnaround by resource, and it does not include weekends in calculating the average days for completion, so you know you have accurate results.

Want to learn more about RB9 Reports?

You can find out more about the Reports module in ReporterBase 101, which contains lessons about every module, function, plug-in, and concept in RB9.

ReporterBase 101 comes in 2 versions: weekly email lessons and a website, the RB9 Primer, where all the lessons appear. You can sign up to have an RB lesson delivered to your inbox each week. And you can also look up anything on the website, where lessons are grouped by module or concept.

What RB9 Reports functions are in RB Lite?

No Reports functions are included in RB Lite. Check the comparison chart to see which other functions are included in RB Lite.

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