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Payables highlights

Keep resources happy with quick, accurate payroll. Keep local & state governments happy with quick, accurate sales tax payments. And keep clients happy with a reward points program.

Fewer steps to using RB data in QuickBooks

In Payables, you can still print payroll checks, if desired, or eliminate those hassles with direct deposit pay. But if you use QuickBooks to pay resources, you no longer need to export checks in Payables to then import into QuickBooks. QuickBooks Integrator has been re-designed in RB9 to make it easier to use, so we removed the Export to QuickBooks option in Payables.

Fewer screens to finish payroll

RB8’s Resource Payroll Report and Send Payroll Report have been combined into one function in RB9, Send Resource Pay Statements, so you can create reports for both your office and resources in one place. Then archive a final copy of the report for your records.

Export sales tax info to Excel

RB8 has the Sales Tax Report as a static report, but we found that clients don’t need to print it out — that just wastes paper, and you can’t work with it. So in RB9, we changed it so you can export it as an Excel spreadsheet, which will be more useful.

Reward Points program built in

Similar to frequent flyer programs, RB rewards points were optional plug-ins in RB8 and RB Web 8. In RB9 and RB Connect, the program is included for no additional cost.