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Inquiry highlights

Locate information in RB’s database, such as the list of deponents from a case or how much you owe a resource. Plus analyze different aspects of your business, such as a client’s invoice history, and run reports for different time periods. Find targeted information fast.

Invoice inquiries

Need to find an invoice fast? Use the multitude of search filters in Invoice Inquiry to quickly find invoices for a particular job, location, case, claim number, and/or client matter number. If you don’t have an invoice number, Invoice Inquiry will usually be the best function for finding the invoice because it has the most search filters.

View detailed information, including payment history, about any invoice. Send original or current versions of invoices to clients from the invoice detail screen.

Invoice Inquiry displays an invoice’s original amount, plus 2 current balance amounts:

  1. The outstanding amount of the original invoice minus any payments.
  2. The current balance for the invoice including all fees added since the original invoice was issued, such as late charges and finance charges, and minus any payments already made.

Client-side inquiries

  • Use Client Activity to search for a specific client’s invoices, then send those invoices to the client directly from within the function. You can search the client’s invoices by case to come up with a settlement amount for a particular case in seconds, no matter how long the case has been going on, then send them a PDF of their invoices.
  • Want to know how much you billed a client last month? Get a snapshot of a client’s billing activity in Client Analysis, then drill down for more information in this interactive report. Find out what services a client is purchasing, broken down into number of units sold, billed rush charges, and total billed amounts year-to-date and all-time totals. Compare totals by year/quarter/month to track your most important customers.

Resource-side inquiries

  • Search for a resource’s invoices in Resource Activity. For example, find the next pay amount or the total payable for any resource. See basic information about the invoices, such as invoice and pay amounts, or view complete details of individual invoices.
  • Summarize a resource’s billing and payroll activities by services provided in the interactive Resource Analysis. Find out what services are being provided by the resource. Compare totals by year/quarter/month to monitor your most productive resources.
  • Search historical data about override pay. With Override Resource Pay you can audit these payments separately from the resource pay total for a specific time period, a single resource, a single job, and/or a single invoice.

Witness inquiries

Find individual deponents or bring up a list of all deponents for a particular case or range of job dates in Witness Inquiry. Get witness details, including original transcript location, read and sign date, production notes, etc. Enter new information about deponents.

Transaction inquiries

In Receivable Transaction Inquiry, search payment histories and view detailed information about individual payments and other types of transactions, such as credit and debit memos, refunds, voids, and write-offs.

Anniversary inquiries

In RB9, you can enter any recurring events you want to remember for contacts, such as birthdays or wedding anniversaries, in their profiles. The system will automatically remind you when an important event is within a set number of days. Use Anniversary Inquiry to pull up a list of upcoming celebrations and generate envelopes and labels for cards and gifts from the list.

Marketing inquiries

Know where your business is coming from and which resources are your most valuable assets in Marketing Inquiry. Discover problems, such as inactive clients, to deal with proactively, such as sending them reminder cards. All Marketing Inquiry options include the ability to print envelopes/labels.

In Marketing Inquiry, you can:

  • Quickly find out who are your top firms and/or contacts in terms of jobs scheduled and revenue generated. You can search by ordering client or scheduled by (typically secretaries and paralegals, not attorneys). This is a good way to know who your good clients are, and generate holiday card/thank you gift lists.
  • See which clients have scheduled jobs recently, and which resources worked on those jobs.
  • Find out which clients have stopped scheduling jobs with you, and which ones you haven’t billed in a while.
  • See which resources are your busiest and which haven’t worked for you in a while.
  • View lists of commissions paid to your sales reps and other resources.
  • Review newly entered clients and resources for typos and other errors. Print envelopes or labels for sending welcome messages.
  • Export inquiry results to create reports.
  • Print envelopes and labels from inquiry results for your targeted marketing efforts.
  • Evaluate clients on a firm level or by contact in terms of jobs scheduled and revenue generated. View individual clients’ details.
  • Print envelopes and labels from inquiry results.
  • Export results to save and create your own reports.

Want to learn more about RB Inquiry?

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What RB9 Inquiry functions are in RB Lite?

Check the comparison chart to see which of these functions are included in RB Lite.

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