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Setup highlights

You can run your business using the setup defaults that RB includes. Or use Setup to edit defaults, delete any you don’t need, and add your own options to tailor RB to your work processes. You can update any Setup function at any time. In this module, you can:

  • Customize function lists by adding, editing, merging, and deleting list entries. Set the default entry that appears in any field tied to a list.
  • Set up users, store work-related and personal information about them, and give them user names and passwords to access RB.
  • Group users according to their access levels and job functions, so they can perform their jobs and receive internal messages.
  • Customize the default Chart of Accounts to match your general ledger or accounting software.
  • Set up service items and group related service items so you can locate them quickly in their subgroups when billing, instead of scrolling through a long, undifferentiated list of all miscellaneous service items.
  • Enter billing, pay, and rush rates for services, including e-billing information.
  • Set up billing rate groups for different categories of clients so you don’t have to scroll through all of your billing rate tables each time you invoice a client. Set up pay rate groups for resources too.
  • Group service items into billing sets to speed up billable services selection because you only have to choose the set, not each of the items individually.
  • Set the year’s pay dates and their corresponding cutoff dates for each pay period.
  • Create your own invoice headers and messages for different circumstances.
  • Set up tracking items to match your production workflow, then define the steps each item goes through in your process.
  • Define preferences for how your RB-PDF Transcripts will appear and what options they will include. Create multiple transcript preference profiles to cover different transcript requirements.
  • Create transcript stamps like “Original” or ”Certified Copy” to apply to transcripts.
  • If exhibit file names and exhibit references in transcripts follow a pattern, for example they are numbered consecutively, save production time by setting up linked exhibit patterns before producing hyperlinked transcripts.
  • Set up exhibit stamp templates that will automatically include RB job information and number PDF exhibits sequentially.
  • Set global preferences for difference features in RB.

Set system-wide preferences

RB comes with default options for its different functions. Some cannot be altered, but generally you can customize functions to fit your company by editing, adding, and deleting options. These global preference settings are used throughout your RB system by all users.

RB separates out list customization from other system preferences. If you want different options in a list in RB, you would make those changes in the Lists function. All other options are grouped by module under System Preferences.

Options you can customize in System Preferences include:

  • Company email address(es)
  • Text of “Forgot Password” emails
  • Login security, such as requiring strong passwords and 2FA verification
  • How long RB saves messages sent internally
  • How long a period of inactivity allowed before RB logs a user off automatically
  • Company time zone default & other time zones to select
  • Job confirmations and cancellations
  • Task assignments and cancellations
  • Job statuses displayed as calendar search options
  • Future calendar emails
  • Holidays observed
  • Job calendar view options
  • Job status colors
  • Job status automatic updates
  • New job defaults
  • Overdue tasks emails
  • Resource Blast (last minute job announcement emails & texts) contents and defaults
  • Zoom account settings, preferences, and other customizations
  • Envelope printing specs
  • FedEx & UPS account information
  • Repository use tracking options
  • Invoices and statements & related emails’ contents
  • LEDES 1998B exported files
  • Reward points
  • Pay statements & related emails’ contents
  • Payment wait periods
  • 1099 Form printing
  • Default settings for new firms, contacts & resources
  • QuickBooks settings

Some system preferences can be overridden by personal preferences set by individual users. Preferences that only affect your individual RB setup are available under User Preferences.

Want to learn more about RB Setup?

You can find out more about the Setup module in ReporterBase 101, which contains lessons about every module, function, plug-in, and concept in RB9.

ReporterBase 101 comes in 2 versions: weekly email lessons and a website, the RB9 Primer, where all the lessons appear. You can sign up to have an RB lesson delivered to your inbox each week. And you can also look up anything on the website, where lessons are grouped by module or concept.

What RB9 Setting functions are in RB Lite?

Check the comparison chart to see which of these functions are included in RB Lite.

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